Friday, September 16, 2022

HKU Law's LLM (ADR): Newsletter (June 2022)

We are grateful to our students, alumni and wider community for its continued support of the LLM Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Program described as “a unique and internationalized programme with well-developed curriculum, diverse student body … high quality teachers… [and] professional accreditation (i.e., CIArb, HKMAAL) and strong connections with highly regarded arbitral institutions.” We thank Sarah Grimmer for her invaluable contributions to our Arbitration law teaching this past year and wish her well in Singapore. We also thank Mr. Cameron Sim, Ms. Elizabeth Chan, Dr. James Chiu, Ms. Sabrina Ho, Ms. Jojo Fan and Mr. Jonathan Wong for their public talks. We value your input and support. Please visit our website to learn more.

Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding: The LLM program was delighted by the active participation of students in the Preventative Law: Approaches to Conflict Prevention and Resolution course last term. Student explored the dynamics of peace building and sustainable community engagement through class presentations, dialogue process, discussions with pe and research papers.

Vis East Achievements: We celebrate our highly ranked Willem C. Vis (East) Moot team which received Honorable Mentions for the Best Written Memorandum for Claimant. Paul and Kai Tik received Honorable Mentions for the Best Individual Oral Advocate. Many thanks to Mr. Michal Čáp (lead coach) and Professor Shahla Ali, and Olga Boltenko for coaching support.

Faculty Interview
The LLM Arbitration and Dispute Resolution program director was recently interviewed for the Faculty website. A link to the interview can be found here:

  James D. Fry
Deconstructing Dud Disarmament Disputes
Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2021, Pages 185-218
[read more]

Olga Boltenko
Balancing the Protection of Foreign Investors and States Responses in the Post-Pandemic World”.
[read more]

Shahla Ali
Decentralized Global Legal Ordering
Michigan State Law Review, Forthcoming
University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2022/11
[read more]

Anselmo, R., & Weixia, G. (2021). Multi-Tier Approaches to the Resolution of International Disputes Cambridge University Press.
[read more]

Weixia Gu
The Global Rise of International Commercial Courts: Typology and Power Dynamics
Chicago Journal of International Law
[read more]

Angela Zhang
Improving Dispute Resolution in Two-Sided Platforms: The Case of Review Blackmail
[read more]


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