Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Richard Cullen: Hong Kong Doesn't Need Sermons from a 'Failed State' (China Daily)

"Hong Kong doesn’t need sermons from a ‘failed state’"
Richard Cullen
China Daily
Published on 13 July 2022
Introduction: Recently reported remarks by the US consul general in Hong Kong, Michael Hanscom Smith, stressed that business confidence in the special administrative region, may “continue to erode”. The National Security Law (NSL) for Hong Kong was vigorously cast, in this discussion, in a negative light.
     Indistinct, hypothesized risks were mentioned to try to put wind in the sails of yet another bout of Sinophobic grooming designed to generate alarm.
     Let us move, however, from these impressionistic risks to consider some specific rights abuses. By October 2019, all normal teaching at the University of Hong Kong was comprehensively shut down...

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