Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hualing Fu on Pandemic Control in China’s Gated Communities (SSRN)

"Pandemic Control in China’s Gated Communities"
Fu Hualing
Published in July 2022
Introduction: A key global strategy to contain the coronavirus disease 2019 known as COVID-19 has been the implementation of social distancing measures (SDMs), in particular the Stay-at-Home (SaH) order. Given the epidemiological consensus at the time that social distancing significantly reduces transmission and that the ability of a country to contain the spread of infections depends on the degree to which SaH orders and other SDMs are enforced and complied with, few countries, if any, have not imposed lockdowns of sorts to some degree, in particular a range of SaH orders varying in scale and severity, placing a significant part of their population, if not all, under quarantine for various durations.1 To a large degree, the success or failure of these measures has depended on citizens’ willingness to change their behaviours to comply with SaH orders. ...

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