Thursday, November 16, 2023

Jamieson Kirkwood on Characterization (and Registration) of a “BRI Dispute” (Asian Journal of International Law)

"Characterization (and Registration) of a “BRI Dispute”"
Jamieson Kirkwood
Asian Journal of International Law, First View
Published online: October 2023

Abstract: This article explores the terms “BRI dispute” and “BRI jurisprudence”. It undertakes a practical and theoretical analysis that considers whether “BRI disputes” have distinct and visible characteristics and are capable of being identified in a legal sense. This is important since practitioners – arbitration centres and law firms – use the term broadly and without specific criteria. By exploring the customary usage and the approach of legal scholars to the term, presenting examples of “BRI disputes” and examining their unique features, and constructing a theoretical approach (utilizing the concepts of ratione materiae, ratione loci, ratione temporis, and ratione personae; and considering the jurisprudence of the ICSID), this article moves from a broad to a narrow analysis to develop both a definition and a system of registration of “BRI disputes” for use by academics, practitioners, and policymakers.

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