Monday, January 29, 2024

Cora Chan on Scholarship in Times of Constitutional Transformation: A View from Hong Kong (Human Rights Law Review)

"Scholarship in Times of Constitutional Transformation: A View from Hong Kong"
Cora Chan
Human Rights Law Review, Volume 24, Issue 1
Published online: December 2023

Abstract: Hong Kong's constitutional order has been undergoing a momentous transformation since 2020. The introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the use of a plethora of other security tools have pushed Hong Kong's largely liberal legal order in an increasingly authoritarian direction. This article examines the implications of these changes for academic freedom in the territory. Through the lens of Hong Kong, it examines the unique challenges facing constitutional law scholars in authoritarian or liberal backsliding contexts, as well as the distinct contributions they can make. It concludes with reflections on the relevance of arguments against `scholactivism' to authoritarian contexts. The analysis in this article will help us to understand what scholars should and can do in politically volatile environments more generally.

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