Monday, March 11, 2024

Taorui Guan on Intellectual Property Legislation Holism in China (University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review)

"Intellectual Property Legislation Holism in China"
Taorui Guan
University of Pennsylvania Asian Law Review, (vol. 18, (2023), pp. 81-140)
Published online: December 2023

Introduction: Over the past forty years, Western policy makers, commentators, and scholars have followed the development of China’s intellectual property system with interest. Many Western countries have exported intellectual products to China, and the protection that China’s intellectual property system provides affects these countries’ gains.  Some of them, particularly the United States, complain that China does not provide sufficient protection of intellectual property rights. When scholars study China’s intellectual property system, they tend to focus on whether the Chinese government has granted intellectual property rights to some particular kinds of intellectual products and whether it has effectively enforced these rights. Over the years, there have been studies claiming that the level of protection of intellectual property rights in China is inadequate, but more recent research has suggested that the opposite might be the full article here.

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