Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Should the U.S. Cooperate with China on Terrorism?

Professor Fu Hualing, Associate Dean (China Affairs), Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong joins the conversation on whether the U.S. should cooperate with China on terrorism.  See ChinaFile, a project of the Center on US-China Relations at Asia Society.  Professor Fu writes,
Both the U.S. and China have faced and continue to face imminent terrorist threats and each country has its own strength and unique vulnerabilities in facing the surge in international and domestic terrorism. There is solid common ground and ample opportunity for cooperation and support. While the U.S. may need China’s economic and military support in its international antiterrorism operation in the Middle East, China is eager to learn from U.S. antiterrorism measures and experiences to maintain China’s increasingly fragile urban security. Having suffered recently from the bombing in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the mass murder in the train station of Kunming, Yunnan, and other random acts of mass violence in different cities, the Chinese security forces are exploring more effective preventative measures against terror. The U.S. has a lot to offer in antiterrorism monitoring and policing public space...  Click here to read the rest of Professor Fu's comments and the contributions of other prominent China experts.

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