Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Susan Finder on HK-China Cross-Border Advisory Committee

"Hong Kong needs an advisory committee to examine complex cross-border legal issues"
Susan Finder (Visiting Fellow, Centre for Chinese Law)
South China Morning Post
17 March 2015
To solve the many specific cross-border legal issues affecting the people of Hong Kong and the rule of law in the special administrative region, an independent and non-partisan advisory committee on cross-boundary legal issues should be established.
     The committee, which ideally would draw its membership from current or retired senior members of the legal profession, would provide policy guidance to a working group drawn from the legal community. The idea would be to draw together people familiar with the Hong Kong and mainland legal systems. They would work together to propose options for practical solutions to problems involving complex legal issues.
     These problems could be issues in the news, such as parallel trading, and other serious problems not in the news such as cross-boundary pollution, criminal justice or domestic violence. The members of the working group must be able to reach out to those with the right expertise or background, regardless of political views... Click here to read the article.

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