Saturday, August 29, 2015

Douglas Arner on Cross-Border Supervision of Financial Institutions

in Niamh Moloney, Ellis Ferran and Jennifer Payne (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Financial Regulation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Aug 2015) 487-510
Introduction: This Chapter discusses regulation and supervision of financial institutions operating across borders.  The cross-border supervision of international active financial institutions raises a distinct set of institutional and coordination risks to financial stability.  As a result of the global and eurozone financial crises, major challenges in this respect have been revealed and increasing efforts are being made at the international level to develop effective approaches.
     The Chapter begins with a discussion of questions relating to market access and licensing before turning to questions of supervision, regulation, and resolution.  The Chapter concludes with a discussion of the outlook for continued globalization of financial services.  Click here to preview the chapter.

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