Saturday, December 9, 2017

New Book by Yun Zhao & Michael Ng: Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order (CUP)

"Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order: Adoption and Adaptation"
Cambridge University Press
published in November, 2017, 312 pages
Description: This volume critically evaluates the latest legal reform of China, covering major areas such as trade and securities law, online privacy law, criminal law, human rights and international law. It represents a bold departure from the most recent works on Chinese legal reform by engaging the ideas of experts in contemporary Chinese law with the archival scholarship of Chinese legal historians. This unique interdisciplinary feature affords readers a more nuanced view of the complexities and specificities of how China has problematised legal reforms in various historical contexts when building a progressive yet sustainable legal system. This volume appraises the most current reform in Chinese law by considering China's engagement with globalisation, increasingly complicated domestic situation and historical legal transplantation experiences. It will be of huge interest to students, researchers and practitioners interested in Chinese law and policy, China and Asian studies and Chinese legal history.
  • Provides a critical evaluation of the latest reform in Chinese law and China's global interactions in law, politics and international relations
  • Explores ideas of contemporary Chinese law with historical perspectives that provides a unique insight into the developments of its legal system
  • Presents different perspectives to help readers gain a better understanding of the ongoing Chinese legal reform and a fuller picture of the developing Chinese legal system

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