Friday, September 7, 2018

Anne Cheung Interviewed on Cyberbullying in Hong Kong (RTHK Radio)

"Efforts to combat cyber-bullying among young people"
Backchat, RTHK Radio 3
6 Sept 2018
The problem of online harassment and abuse, particularly among young people, has been around for a long time, but a recent study by the Polytechnic University has cast light on a practice known as "doxxing", which involves someone's personal details being disclosed on the internet by others, and without consent. More than 20 percent of the victims identified in the study said they'd experienced depression and anxiety. So what should be done about it? A number of academics and legal experts say our current laws for dealing with online bullying are out of date, and new, targeted legislation is required.  Panelists: Anne Cheung, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong; Mark Cheung, Executive Director, Kids4Kids; Wan Lap-man, Supervisor (Services for Youth at Risk), Hong Kong Playground Association; Chester Soong, Director, Hong Kong Internet Society; Cameron Su, Student, Hong Kong International School; and Author of “Memories Cached”.  Click here to listen to the recording of the radio programme.
     HKU's Law and Technology Centre organised a one-day conference on cyberbullying on 4 September 2018.  Click here to access the conference website.  For other media coverage of this event, see SCMP, Young PostMing Pao 1 (Chinese), Ming Pao 2 (Chinese), RTHK (Chinese radio), and Wen Wei Po (Chinese).

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