Monday, September 10, 2018

Douglas Arner Interviewed on the Sochi Accord on FinTech for Financial Inclusion (Sputnik)

9 Sept 2018
The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Global Policy Forum (GPF) wrapped up in Sochi this week. The AFI empowers policymakers to increase access to quality financial services for the poorest populations and aims to strengthen market conduct and consumer protection. Sputnik spoke to Douglas Arner, professor of [financial law] at Hong Kong University, who took part in the forum.
Sputnik: What's your opinion about this forum?
Douglas Arner: You know it is something that financial inclusion and financial sector development have long been very important policy objectives and organizations like AFI which try to bring together, in particular, developing countries and emerging markets from around the world to talk about common problems, common experiences, I think are very valuable. I think in the context of this event, seeing a response from 80-90 countries around the world in a week-long event, is really very exciting... Click here to read and listen to the whole interview.

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