Thursday, December 9, 2021

New Book by Po Jen Yap & Chien-Chih Lin: Constitutional Convergence in East Asia (CUP)

Po Jen Yap and Chien-Chih Lin
Published: December 2021
Description: This comparative study of the constitutional jurisprudence of three East Asian jurisdictions investigates how the rulings of the Constitutional Court of Taiwan, the Constitutional Court of Korea and the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal have converged. The unique political contexts of all three jurisdictions have led to strong courts using the structured proportionality doctrine and innovative constitutional remedies to address human rights issues. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea have the only courts in Asia that regularly use a structured four-stage Proportionality Analysis to invalidate laws, and routinely apply innovative constitutional remedies such as Suspension Orders and Remedial Interpretation to rectify constitutionally flawed legislation. This volume explores how judges in these areas are affected by politics within their different constitutional systems. The latest developments in Asian constitutional law are covered, with detailed analysis of key cases.
  • Explains why and how the apex courts in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea have converged on constitutional law
  • Enhances understanding of how politics shape judicial behaviour
  • Identifies and analyses the key constitutional case-law in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea

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