Tuesday, September 3, 2019

New Book by Johannes Chan: Righteousness, The University: When the Storm is Over (正道- 大學: 寫在風雨之後) (Ming Pao Publisher)

"Righteousness, The University: When the Storm is Over" (正道- 大學: 寫在風雨之後)
Ming Pao Publisher
published in 2019, 316 pp (Chinese language)
Abstract: In this book, Professor Johannes Chan reflects on his long years working in tertiary education.  He discusses a range of issues about tertiary education, culture and humanities, including academic freedom, the vision of university education, the value of humanity studies, national identity and national education, and the impact of research assessment on humanities. It also covers some controversial issues such as the 811 Review on the visit of the Vice-Premier of the People's Republic of China and the controversy over his own appointment as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. The book also includes various articles about arts, films, history, language and personalities.  
(本書收集了陳文敏教授在過往十年所發表的散文, 大部分經更新,修飾甚至重寫。內容圍繞大學與文化,當中談到大學教育的理想和所面對的問題,入文科學與衡工量值,國民教育與身分認同等問題,也涉獵到文化、電影、歷史、文字和人物的生活小品。以輕鬆雋永的文字,帶出需要嚴肅思考的問題。本書亦同時輯錄了港大818事件和任命副校長風波那一段日子的文章,記載作者在面對逆境時仍堅持原則的心路歷程和感受。人生得失難料,事業的跌盪,卻造就了學術的成就。本書以雙城記作結,唏噓中又隱含希望。在大時代中難免會感到無力,作者的堅持和信念, 希望可以為讀者帶來一缐的曙光。)

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