Friday, June 24, 2022

New Book by Haochen Sun: Technology and the Public Interest (Cambridge University Press)

Technology and the Public Interest
Haochen SunPublished in April 2022
Book description: In this groundbreaking work, Haochen Sun analyzes the ethical crisis unfolding at the intersection of technology and the public interest. He examines technology companies' growing power and their increasing disregard for the public good. To tackle this asymmetry of power and responsibility, he argues that we must reexamine the nature and scope of the right to technology and dynamically protect it as a human right under international law, a collective right under domestic civil rights law, and potentially a fundamental right under domestic constitutional law. He also develops the concept of fundamental corporate responsibility requiring technology companies to compensate users for their contributions, assume an active role responsibility in upholding the public interest, and counter injustices caused by technological developments.
‘It’s hard to imagine a more timely intervention. In this important and urgent volume, prominent intellectual property scholar Haochen Sun sets out a compelling case for recognition of the human right to technology and a blueprint for defending that right against the assaults of Big Tech.’
Barton Beebe - John M. Desmarais Professor of Intellectual Property Law, New York University School of Law

‘In this foundational book, Haochen Sun builds a new vision of corporate social responsibility in the digital era. He uncovers a nearly forgotten human right to the benefits of science, and argues that technology companies need to better ensure broad distribution of the benefits of technology.’
Anupam Chander - Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Law and Technology, Georgetown University Law Center

‘As backlash against leading technology firms grows, it is time to think big about the future governance of intellectual property and internet platforms. Technology and the Public Interest more than meets the challenge, offering a comprehensive vision for law and policy to promote fundamental corporate responsibilities to protect and promote human flourishing. Sun’s first-rate work squarely addresses contemporary concerns like COVID vaccine disparities, while developing a normative framework of lasting relevance. Read this important book for an erudite and inspiring perspective on technology governance.’
Frank Pasquale - Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

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